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Are you sure I won't pay commission

Absolutely - 100% , if the order is £/$ 40 you receive £/$ 40 with nothing deducted in fact we don't even take the payment - you do. If you intend to use the Pay Pal option (you need a Pay Pal account for this as the payment goes to your Pay Pal account) to take payments (full or partial) then you would pay Pay Pal a small fee.


How do I take payments

We don't need to reinvent the wheel - you take payments exactly as you do now. Either on delivery or collection. We don't take any payments. However, if you wish to use the RED Squid app to take your customers payment then you can via Pay Pal .With this turned on your payment will go to your own Pay Pal account. Either as the full payment or as a partial payment (deposit) at the order stage. This payment then goes direct to your own Pay Pal account, not to us. You can set your own deposit percentage of the order total.


How do my customers get RED Squid

Your customers will obtain the RED Squid App from advertising either in your shop or on your Menu etc. You can have a QR code advertised and your direct store ID shown - meaning your customer can download the App and start ordering almost immediately.

Who are my customers

They are your local existing customers - you want them ordering with RED Squid, because you will keep 100% of the sale price (less any Pay Pal fee's if you turn this option on). You can advertise a QR code on your marketing and promotional material making it so easy for customer to order via the RED Squid App.

Is RED Squid Free

RED Squid is free to your customers. For your business to use RED Squid you will need an annual subscription with us (which does have a cost implication). Once you have this then RED Squid is free and commission free - no matter how many orders you receive. Your subscription needs to be renewed each year. If you cancel your subscription it won't be renewed, its that simple - so your only financial commitment is the current annual subscription

Do I get a website

Yes, your RED Squid store will have its own website, that is how you enter, control and edit your App store details and the products that appear on your RED Squid store. However the type of URL you will have will depend how you intend to use and advertise your website, if at all. If you only intend to sell and advertise products via the RED Squid app then you only need what we call the 'Red Squid store' option. This provides you with what is best described as an admin website, its not really suitable to advertise the domain to your customers - for most this option is really all you need. The alternatives domain name options can be found here

How long to get RED Squid up and running

Typically RED Squid and the accompanying website can be up and running within 1 - 3 working days. This can depend to a great deal on the style and complexity of your chosen website, in these cases it can take longer. The 'Red Squid Store' can be up and running in 1 -2 working days, if not the same day.

What are RED Squid Favorites Places

Each mobile device (your customers) that has the RED Squid App installed can have 6 favorite stores that appear on the start screen. A favorite is activated by the user of that device - when a store becomes a favorite re ordering can be done from the front screen - easy

How do I enter and edit my store product items

Entering all the details including the product items you wish to market is very easy. We have a dedicated help page that you can access from your main website control panel.

Can I change from an Admin website to a Plus or Premium website

You can, however, If you decided to 'Upgrade' from an Admin site to a Plus or Premium or Plus to Premium website you would need to re enter your product items.