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  • Want us to upload your product items ?
    Adding product items into your Red Squid store App is via your website admin control panel, and is very easy - however if you are busy and have not got the time or inclination then we can do this for you, we will add as many items as you need up to the site maximum. Just choose the number of items you wish us to upload for you. Product items must be supplied to us either in an xls spreadsheet, or a clearly defined Word document, or your menu (in a format that we can clearly read from) with items you do not want uploaded clearly indicated on the menu.
  • You can include a desciption of each item if you wish - please note that we copy and paste this information - we do not spell check it
  • Items can be
  • Our image bank contains most regular photos - however on some occasions you might need to supply your own picture. Item number are rounded up so if you have 40 items please select the 50 items option
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