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100% Commission free payments

RED Squid .. your commission free friend

We don't charge commission you get 100% of what your customer pays you

Control your items

You control what items appear in your store App and the price you sell them at

Control your prices

Change your prices when you want, as often as you want. You control the Payment options

Delivery Charges

Free over certain order value, or you specify a charge, your choice

Customer Loyalty

Once your customer has the RED Squid App they'll love it - give your customers an alternative to purchase online without you paying commission

Order Names

Lets call that order Friday curry

Re Order

Easy for your customer to re - order just select and click

Delivery or Collection

Your choice and your times.


Take Payments, Part Payment or no Payments

You can decide to turn on the payments feature of Red Squid. You can then ask your customer for full payment with their order, and part payment, or no payment. See FAQs for more on this.


Order History

Your customer can name their order - maybe call it 'Saturday Curry' then return to their order history and re order - so simple

RED Squid FAQ's

Customer Order Tracking

Keeping your customers up to date with their order is important - RED Squid has an inbuilt order tracking system, so your customer knows when you have acknowledged their order, when its being prepared and when its out for delivery or ready for collection.

RED Squid FAQ's

RED Squid Screenshots

So easy to use - your customers will love it

The RED Squid App is available for free on Google Play & App Store

Get your customers using it - they'll love it and so will your business - its commission free.